Bayswater girls – are they okay to date



Of course, Bayswater girls are okay to date. As a matter of fact, I would say that Bayswater escorts like are more than okay to date and I have met some really hot babes in Bayswater, says Alan from the Better Sex Guide. Alan is one of the more experienced daters of London escorts and escorts in other parts of the world. He has often reviewed escorts services for us here on the Better Sex Guide, and we hope that he will continue to review many more. This week Alan takes a look at the hot babes in Bayswater.

To be honest, I had never dated in Bayswater up until a few weeks ago. It is a little bit out of my way so I would actually have to travel there, or the girls would have to come to me on an outcall. I must admit that I did not know a lot of about Bayswater escort services and as per normal the Better Sex Guide arranged all of my dates. I am happy to date any lady as long as she is natural and a blonde. Sorry girls, but I am not a blonde man at all and much prefer blondes.

On my first in call with Bayswater escorts I was pleasantly surprised. A nice young lady from Poland called Lena opened the door for me. She was tall and had the most amazing smile. She invited me into her apartment for a glass of wine and we had a nice chat. Her blonde hair which fell in long locks around her face mesmerized me from the start and I couldn’t wait for the rest of the date. Lena had the bot body of a lingerie model and you could tell that she had a lot of dating experience. We had a great time together behind closed doors and I would certainly see her again.

Now the girls back at the Better Sex Guide know that I have a thing for petites. My next date with Bayswater escorts was with a hot Danish petite called Krista. She had the most amazing accent and was indeed a true petite. She was really stylish and the service she gave as part of Bayswater escorts was amazing. I am not so sure how to describe my date but I will say that it was one of the hottest dates that I have ever had. Needless to say Lena and I will be meeting shortly again.

Trying new escorts services can be daunting for any gent. I am really pleased that I decide to help the Better Sex Guide out to review Bayswater escorts services. Up until then I had a bit of a bad week business wise but the dates I had with the hot babes in Bayswater certainly changed all of that. I would recommend Bayswater escort services to any gent and I notice that thee even have a range of extreme services such as duo dating. This is one escorts service I am sure that we will hear more of.

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