I know how to get a man interested

After I left London escorts, and set up my own business in London, I decided that I wanted to stay single for a while. I had really enjoyed my London escorts career, but at the end of the day, I felt like I wanted to take a break from dating. Although I was still in touch with many of my friends from London escorts, I was making other friends. It was great to meet new people, and at the same time having the freedom to get my business of the ground. Did I tell my new friends that I used to work for a great escorts agency? No, I did not as I was not sure how they would take it.

One of the girls I got to know sort of took me under her wing. She seemed to be concerned that I did not have a boyfriend and wanted to introduce me to as many men as possible. I am sure that if I would have told her that I used to work for a London escorts service, she would have seen me in a different light, so I did not say anything. There is nothing wrong with London escorts in my opinion, but a lot of people certainly do misunderstand what London escorts are all about. Anyway, my new friend started to set me up with all sort of dates. From what I could tell, she was a bit of a control freak and loved nothing better than to make sure that I had said the right thing on my dates. Before we actually went out, she would brief me all about the man in question. Having worked for London escorts for such a long time, there was honestly nothing new my friend could tell me about men.

You certainly do get a lot of experience of all sorts of men when you work for London escorts.Did I ever meet a man that I liked? I did meet a few guys that I liked. Since I had left London escorts, I had changed my image a lot. I was not any longer that glamorous sex kitten. Instead I was putting myself as the young girl who had invested all of her money in a nail salon. The business was doing well, but I was not sure about my love life. I felt that I could do a lot better if it was not for my wing woman as I had started to call her.

On one of our double dates, I did manage to meet a very nice man. His name was Tony, and I was sincerely interested in getting to know Tony better. My wing woman did not seem to be sure Tony was the right man for me, but I felt that I would like to have a chance to get to spend some more time with Tony. Having used some of my London escorts antics, I did manage to get some one to one time with Tony. Well, my wing woman may not be sure that Tony is for me, but I am serious about this guy. I am not ready to tell him about my past imperfect with London escorts, but I am certainly ready to get to know him a little better.

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