Living with the nightmares when he came back from the war


My grandma said that granddad always had really bad dreams when he came back from World War II. In my life time, I never thought that I would experience anything like that. Having married a soldier who went to serve in various conflict regions around the world, I soon found that what my husband saw affected his psyche. A couple of times he came back with terrible nightmares of what he had seen.

His nightmares was an upheaval for our entire family. Our children did not understand why their father couldn’t sleep, and I found it difficult as well. The problem was he could not talk to me about them as he did not quite understand his nightmares. He said they were just violent images that seem to “appear” in his mind. Most of the time they were not even of things he had seen, but they did seem to be associated with sound. A hard time for all of us.

Why do soldier have nightmares?

Many soldier who return from wars do suffer terrible nightmares. The interesting thing is that sometimes the nightmares just don’t affect front line soldiers. They also affect soldier who have worked as mechanics or back up back at base. Understanding how soldiers share their experiences is part of the solution and also helps us to understand why so many soldiers suffer from nightmares when they return home.

Many soldiers who have not fired a bullet in their lives still experience violent nightmares. Army doctors struggled I didn’t understand why until they learned how soldiers share their experiences. It clearly doesn’t take a bullet to make you have terrible nightmares once you come home from a war situation…

Soldiers like to talk to their colleagues or others from Holborn escorts from and once they are back at base, they often relax and have a drink with their friends. It is a way of blowing off steam, and sharing your experiences. Many of their colleagues will never see the front line but are still troubled by the same dreams. It turns out that many of them are affected by the stories their colleagues tell them, or gossip they hear.

Living in any combat situation is stressful. It doesn’t matter if you are back at base fixing vehicles. You are constantly aware that your camp, or base, can be attacked at any time. You even have drills or training exercises to help you cope in case of an attack. It seems that compounded with the tales of your friends, all of this can cause you to have nightmares.

It is also know that certain sounds can trigger nightmares. For instance, the sound of a type bursting can sound very similar to gun fire. It the field that would have you hitting the floor, and in real life it becomes part of who you are and what your memory remembers. When you hear a loud bang, your memory will automatically recollect a learned experience. So, if you have learned to react to a loud bang, you are likely to continue to do so for a long time.


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