No more Condoms!

I have always hated using condoms when I have been with a woman. It takes away the feeling and I really do have a problem maintaining an erection. The other night I had a date with this stunning girl I met in a club, and trying to put a condom, totally ruined the entire evening. In the end, I just gave up and fell asleep. Later, without a condom, things were certainly a lot better if you know what I mean.

My sister works for London escorts, and she is always taking up sexual safety. I know that she is really hooked on that sort of stuff, but I want to be able to enjoy sex without a condom. Most of the girls that I meet are not into sex without condoms, so I guess that I miss out there. None of the girls will have sex, or enjoy a one night stand with a guy who does not want to use condoms. They keep going on about it all of the time, and it drives me mad.

I know that you can pick up a lot of nasty stuff from not using condoms. The latest threat is the

Zika virus of course. One of the girls who works with my sister at London escorts comes from Brazil. When she had a longer break from London escorts recently, she went back to Brazil and warnings about the Zika virus were just everywhere. Condoms were not an option in Brazil she said, they were a must. I must admit it sounds kind of scary but I am not planning to travel to Brazil any time soon.

My sister and her friends at London escorts do know that a lot of these illnesses have a habit of making their way around the world. I do worry about it, but you can not worry about everything all of the time. Sometimes you just have to get on with enjoy life. It is okay for guys who can handle condoms, but I know that I cannot handle them at all. One of the girls at cheap escorts  in London says that it is all in my head. It might be but I don’t how to change that. I guess if I caught a disease, I may have to rethink what I call my sexual policy.

Are we being over cautious? I think that we are sometimes being too cautious and we should go with the flow. My sister at London escorts says that it is easier to go with the flow if you are prepared. Am I prepared? I am prepared but I keep thinking about it all of the time. Condoms are always in the back of my mind when I meet a pretty girl, and I cannot stop worrying about them. That is the problem says the girls at London escorts, I over think sex and that is why I am having such a problem with condoms and sex. Perhaps the girls are right, and I should try a bit harder…

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