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A Roadside Romp

As Lexi and Josh sat on the trunk of the sedan Lexi kept nervously wiping her hands on her sundress, hoping Josh would think it was perspiration from the heat, although it was a perfect 76 degrees. In fact, she was nervous about sitting here with him waiting for the tow truck. The first time she saw him, she thought he looked way too young and cute to be a driving instructor, and she got butterflies in her stomach. He was only a few years older than her but seemed much more experienced, which was not hard considering her complete lack of any experience with boys. Too much time studying and pursuing her goals had led her to this; 21 years old, a virgin, who had only gotten as far as some light petting. While she imagined doing more with Josh, she was not going to tell him so.

“I’m really sorry about this”, he said, interrupting her thoughts.

“It’s okay, how could you know the car was going to break down, it sounded fine to me.”

“Well, at least we get to spend some time together now. I mean, not driving in the car, so we can concentrate and talk.” His words made her blush and she looked away, hoping to hide it.

“Not much to tell here, I’m pretty boring, your average 21 year-old vir—,” she cut herself off, unbelieving she was about to mention she was a virgin; too much sex on the brain!

However, she must not have stopped herself in time, judging by his shocked expression.

“Wait, you’re a virgin?” At her tiny nod he shook his head in disbelief. “How can some lucky dude not have scooped you up by now?”

“Guys don’t really see me that way. I’ve always just been the nerd.”

Before she could say anything he was standing in front of her, gently drawing her face towards his, his lips hovering an inch from hers.

“I have to be honest. I loosened a belt on the car, nothing serious, but just something to kinda strand us on the road for a bit so we could have some time to talk.”

She was speechless and just stared at him as he continued, “Of course guys are interested, I’m interested. I have been since I first saw you.”

She realized she needed to seize the moment, go for her goals like with everything else in life, so she clumsily pulled him closer and started to kiss him, she hoped passionately, not sloppily. He stood between her legs as he put his arms around her and began kissing her back. She could feel her heart accelerating and she was heating up. She wanted to press herself against him and he must have felt the same because he spread her legs wider and stood as close as the car bumper would allow.

As his lips moved down her neck and chest, they both began to breathe heavier and she found herself wanting more. He put his hands under her ass and slowly pulled her forward so she was pressed intimately against the hard bulge she could feel through his gym shorts. Her breasts heaved against his chest until he slowly lowered her down onto the car hood. His lips trailed down her neck as his hand caressed her breast through her dress and bra.

Suddenly, she felt cool air on her stomach and realized he had drawn her dress up to her neck. As she lay there almost naked, his hands reached under her and unclasped her bra, spilling her breasts free. He took one in his hand and gently drew the nipple into his mouth.

She had never felt anything like this, the burning need, and she decided to let herself go. As his hand moved down her stomach and dipped into her panties, she could feel herself getting wet. She was embarrassed for a second but then his fingers were there, exploring where no one but her had ever touched. He gently probed her entrance until he encountered the resistance of her inexperience.

His mouth left her breast and she was momentarily bereft until she felt his tongue tracing a path down her belly, to the band of her underwear. As he lifted her hips, he gently drew her underwear down her legs, leaving her completely bare. He kneeled over her as he gently spread her thighs wider, completely exposing her to the sun and his gaze. He then moved his head between her legs and brought his mouth to her center.

As his tongue flicked out, she felt an almost painful jolt of pleasure zap through her. His mouth moved over her as his fingers slowly joined. She could feel his tongue slowly probing her entrance as his fingers worked the small, sensitive nub of her clit. She was on fire but didn’t know how to tell him. He pressed her thighs further apart as he reached up with both hands to caress and squeeze her breasts. As his hands continued to work her breasts, his tongue returned to her clit. With each flick of his tongue, she found herself closer to the edge. He moved his tongue into her entrance and his hand returned to find her clit, gently drawing circles. She started panting and without thinking reached out to gently hold his head. His tongue became more insistent and the pace and pressure of his fingers increased. She could feel the tension building with each circle of fingers and thrust of his tongue. His fingers continued their circles as his tongue thrust, and thrust and thrust until the damn burst and she let out a strangled cry.

He kissed her inner thigh as she floated back to reality.

“Thank you?” she said tentatively, unsure of what to say.

He just laughed. “My pleasure ma’am. I think this is going to be the start of something.”

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