Some new talent has just jetted into Stansted escorts.



If you are ready to take flight with some of the new Stansted escorts from, perhaps you should do a full inspection of the new local crew that is now new members of premier Stansted escorts agencies.


Elite Stansted escorts services are new to the local area, and they have been able to persuade some of the hottest and most interesting Russian girls to join them. There has been a huge demand for escorts from Russia by Stansted escorts agencies recently, and they were forced to go on a recruitment campaign.


Fortunately, they have been able to find some fresh talent from Mother Russia herself, and Stansted escorts agencies can now say that they have some amazing new talent onboard, and it is ready to take to flight.


Mikita is partly Russian, and another half of her is Japanese. She has a passion for collecting fur coats and just loves to surprise her dates in one of her lovely fur coats. You will probably not have seen a fur coat worn in this particular way before. Let’s put it this way, Mikita has the most unusual way to mix and match fashion with her fur coats. There isn’t such a thing as a standard dress when it comes to Mikita’s dress change, and when you call on her, you will need to be ready for a surprise or two.


Mikita also loves Vodka, and she might expect her caller to be able to enjoy a drop of Vodka or two. The problem is that she does not like Vodka glasses, and likes to take her Vodka somewhat differently. I will let you in on a secret, she will pour the Vodka, but she will not expect to drink it out of a glass. In her favor though, she does like to mix her Vodka with strawberries.


Sveja is from deepest darkest Siberia where they still like to play on the floor with each other. If you want to come and spend some time with Sveja, you may have to spend some time doing floor work but normally her gentlemen callers don’t seem to mind that. Our lovely Sveja is just a little bit kinky.


During a brief stay in Moskva before moving to England, she discovered sex toys and now had an amazing collection of them. She is so fascinated that she just loves to show off her vibrating toys to you, and give you personal demonstrations. If you are not comfortable with Sveja showing off her toys to you, perhaps you shouldn’t visit her, but she does have a lovely apartment for you to relax in.


Hot girls and even hotter girls are exactly what you can expect to find in Stansted these days. Luckily, the airport is close by so if you need to jet off somewhere suddenly, you can still squeeze in a visit with one of the lovely girls who has been grounded in Stansted. But then again, perhaps you don’t want to go to the airport…

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